Fixing Musicovery Problem in Ubuntu 8.10

Musicovery Screenshot

Musicovery Screenshot

Musicovery is something you should know if you work with computers for a large share of your day. Even with MP3 downloads and the huge ammount of disk space that we nowadays have, we are still subjected to listen to something we choose, thus leaning on known songs and probably, repeatedly. Musicovery is an alternative. Choose your mood, choose your styles, and just enjoy. However, nothing is perfect: it doesn’t work out-of-the-box on my Ubuntu 8.10 machine. I guess it is some problem with the Flash plugin or with the page itself, because I can’t click anything but the ads (handy bug hm?).

Nevertheless, solution is at a finger’s reach: instead of hitting the usual link, opt for this one:

This loads just the flash interface (and will pop up quite a lot, thanks Firefox for blocking those :P) and it works flawlessly.


5 thoughts on “Fixing Musicovery Problem in Ubuntu 8.10

  1. Hello, here it’s still working :x However, my link on the post was wrong, I just noticed. It was missing a y! Thanks for the heads up!

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