ModeloMatic webserver launched



Homology modeling can be a boring repetitive job for people who have to do it time and time again. Besides BLASTing and comparing the several different results, not only sequence-wise but structural-wise, there is the technical problem of converting between formats of different programs for alignments, analysis, and finally, modelling.

I have already presented a script that eases the workload of those that have, like me, to model dozens of structures. Now, that same script, or an improved version actually, has been converted into a webserver, making it even more easier to use.

It won’t give you models (yet), but it will give you plenty of information on which template to choose to start a modelling protocol, and if you use Modeller it will provide you with a head-start of an alignment file, plus the respective PDBs. Keep in touch for updates as it is in active development :)

Enjoy it:

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