Google will lunch a new Operative System – Chrome OS

The major internet search engine is developing a Operative System specifically designed for low cost Notebooks, that will be ready for public in the second half of 2010.

The objective is to stole the market leadership to the  feudal lords of “Windows”, from Microsoft. Something like open source Linux.

The new Product from Google, will be called as “Chrome OS”, and they make a bet in «velocity, simplicity and security», states the enterprise in its official blog.

The Chrome OS will be based in a Open Source code, as its well used browser Chrome!

This new Operative System from Google is being designed to respond to all the needs of the internet consumers and the objective is that the users don’t have to deal with viruses, “malware” or constant security updates.

In my opinion I think it’s a waste of time in trying to make a new spectacular OS, UNIX based, since we have really good open source Linux Operative Systems distributions like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo and window design managers like KDE, xfce available and able to be upgrated. The best thing to do, though, was to improve the existing systems, like SUN did with Open Office, and really contribute to the fight against the Windows reign… the dawn of the Open Source revolution! André


2 thoughts on “Google will lunch a new Operative System – Chrome OS

  1. jwheeler point this out, the idea is great and Google have made fantastic things, as we could see, but in this particular case the creation of a new Open Source Operative System is not a new thing and actually is not a surprising thing.

    As you said for users like your mum, that only uses the office and internet, it would be great to have such a OS. But actually, like I said, there are now Linux Open source OS that works just like that…

    Ubuntu, for example is almost internet dependent and the applications acts as packages from internet and not as OS executables. At least the major updates…
    So you see, Google could spend its efforts in something that is already done and with fantastic results.

    I can tell you for example, that I use Ubuntu in my CPU, and it is really stable and functional.

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I would imagine it’ll be similar to the browser, in the sense that web pages will be treated as apps. that seems to be how google treat their own web based products.

    It’s not for me, but my mum only really uses office (replaced by google docs) and the internet.

    Their not trying to improve current operating systems that were started before the invention of the internet, but redefine the definition of an OS with the internet at the front of their minds.

    All the other OSs are designed to run apps. Chrome is designed to go on the internet.

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