Why Python?!

João Rodrigues,

This is a question directly for you, for obvious reasons. I am also writing in English so your answer can spread throughout more people. If you write it in a new post should also be great :D then we can link both posts togheter.

I’ve never asked you this question, lolol, is not such a personal question, very normal indeed, but today, once again I fuckin’ opened the Python Web page and I wondered… “Why Python?!”.

And that is what I want you to answer me… why did you chose Python as programing language? Or was it the other way around..? Was Python that chose you?! :D



3 thoughts on “Why Python?!

  1. That’s the politically correct answer.

    The real one is that I had a book available :P

  2. My supervisor chose it for me ;) He said ‘Google Python’ and I did..

    Python ended up being a really nice choice. Geeky things aside, it’s very powerful. By powerful I mean you have loads of libraries you can call to do whatever you want/need, it has good support for CGI (web pages) handling as well as for running processor intensive jobs (mathematical calculations), and best of all, it has a really easy and clean syntax. Besides you can write either a 10 line script to change the name of your folders automatically, or a 1000 lines object-oriented GUI-based program that does intensive statistical analysis on … say… codon context analysis. And both are easily read and understood :)

    Being one of the most used languages in the field, it also makes it easy to find examples for sequence analysis, protein structure routines, database connections/queries, etc. And, you see regularly some modules being released in good papers: PyRosetta, BioPython, and Biskit.

    I’d suggest you give it a try when you NEED it. It’ll be useful :)

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