How to save 100$ repairing your iPod

So I sat on my iPod. And it made a painful cracking sound as the liquid crystals of the display floated freely across its surface, creating an ugly black smear effectively #%%&#$ half of my screen…

Out of warranty, to change the screen of this iPod (5th Gen, Video) costs 129$. Hmm…. Let’s check Amazon.

1. Tools

2. New Screen

Total Price: +- 25$

Now the problem is, how to actually change the screen. Well, just Google it!

I followed this one. And it took me 10mins to have my new screen installed (and some dust-cleaning as well (: )

Just be careful when opening the thing not to let the click-wheel come lose. Mine did and that’s why it took 10 mins..

I should have been an engineer :D

P.S. There also other tutorials on youtube that might help further. Sometimes you can’t see where to click, where to push, and other videos show other perspectives so it’s handy to watch 2 or 3 while you replace the thing.


2 thoughts on “How to save 100$ repairing your iPod

  1. I started opening from the wrong side so it took a bit. Then I realised I should make pressure the other way around: from the black plastic cover to the aluminium case. It just popped open :D

    My iPod is exactly the same yes: iPod Video 30Gb 5th Gen. But I don’t know what kind of drive it has :x It’s that one of of the video :D

  2. How easy was to get it open in the first time? They always make it to seem so easy when it really took me awhile when I tried to open my Mini for a memory upgrade.
    By the way, is your iPod the same as the one on the video? It seems that its using a microdrive, is that right? What type of memory does it use? Flash?

    Cheers and give some love to your refurbished iPod!!

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