This post is a direct response to the last post of João. I decided to do a new post and not a commentary due to the importance of the issue.


I believe that, until we realize that definitively there are very powerful men that control our mainstream media from behind the scenes, we will never be able to understand that kind of “mistakes” like the IPCC one.

There is an agenda planned for the world. The events that we are seeing now are not by chance, they are the result of a series of events previously planned. From the banking system to the oil price, from the street manifestations to wars, everything.

Many times we speak about this issues and many times we laugh about it. But, despite my silence with you for the last days, I think it is time that everyone starts to realize such reality, and start thinking in ways to overcome our future.

By now, I would like to leave you with a very important film. I just saw it today.

P.S. – I really hope that this small movie I gave you doesn’t pass through like many others that I perfectly understand that can pass through. :)

We are along our path to understand us and our minds.


One thought on “Collapse

  1. Smart person, whoever wrote that comment! I wish more people would think like this, then we’d start to realize we, the people, hold all the power.


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