Syntax Highlighting in Nano

Fortunately, I can work from home.

Problem is, my X-applications don’t work at all. And yes, I know I could use this and that to make them work. So I have to resort either to vi, or nano. I hate vi. It’s one of those things. Nano on the other hand is quite handy, specially that small help-bar at the bottom with all the controls. However, default nano is one of those black-and-white console apps that is useful for small file editing, but a scary premise for a long hackathon. How to turn this a little bit better?

Nano has a small file – /etc/nanorc – that is wonderful. Syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, spaces instead of tabs, and using the mouse, are just one uncommented line away. Nice to know, shame I only found it today.. For exotic syntax highlighting, check here.

Guess I’ll have no excuse not to work from home anymore :)


2 thoughts on “Syntax Highlighting in Nano

  1. Muito bom!

    Eu também não vou nada a pala com o vi. nunca consegui fazer nada com ele. E também uso o nano de vez em quando eheh :P

    (epa este comentário suou bués à André Martins ;x)

    Ainda tou à espera que me respondas àquele mail que te mandei no outro dia :D

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