Some Problems are Too Important to Leave to the Experts

Think about mankind as a whole; “expert” is such a misleading term when it comes to solving problems that require creativity.

“We recently announced that InnoCentive and The Economist were forming a partnership to solve some of the most critical problems facing mankind.  To kick off this partnership, InnoCentive founder Alph Bingham was invited to present at The Economist’s Ideas Economy series at the University of California, Berkeley.  The video of his speech has just been published and, as usual, Alph provides a compelling view of open innovation, set in the context of a few individual Solver stories.

Alph points out in his speech that “Some problems are too important to leave to the experts.” (vejam a cena) and presents some interesting information about where solutions actually come from.  Interesting to note is that, based on research from Harvard professor Karim Lakhani, on average, women are more successful at solving Challenges than men.  He also discusses the current trend toward Solvers creating teams to work together on problems.”


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