CleanMyMac 1.9.3 – Serial

CleanMyMac is an award-winning Mac application that allows you to do what the OS should do by default: actually uninstall stuff. Apparently, the Apple way of uninstalling stuff by moving them to Trash doesn’t work that well and the end-result is a bunch of obsolete files left behind clogging your hard drive. Fortunately, someone has thought of that and thus built CleanMyMac.

However, since they ask for 20E for a 6-month license, I was forced to Google my way into piracy. I must say that I haven’t resorted to piracy for at least 3 years and that it saddens me to do so. But unfortunately it sucks to pay 20E for a 6-month license of a software that does what the OS should do..

I found this link to a video tutorial online. Pretty simple and self-explanatory. It says to download this keygen app and then use it to activate CleanMyMac. Worked for me. Try it out! I cleaned 4GB of shit…


2 thoughts on “CleanMyMac 1.9.3 – Serial

  1. hi* Jo!
    my name is Richard*
    I live in UK*
    i a disabled mac user!
    could you help me out?
    I need to activate cleanmymac version 10*
    can you send serial’s?

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