Blogilo, a blog manager for KDE

Hello, everybody!
Many times I have searched for an offline Blog Manager to have on my computer. The reason?! Simply because my home internet connection is quite slow and I am never able to open WordPress pages, for instance. Also, having a an offline blog writer avoids loosing full posts due to some browser crashes or whatsoever! And definitively it consumes less computer resources.
The major problem I always found in offline blog writes is the management of sereveral blogs under the same account. Or at least this problem persisted until I gave up searching for it :P may be now, newer versions of other programs might also work quite well. Whatever, today I am here for Blogilo! :D
And that is it!! I run accross Bloglio some two days ago and I decided to give it a try. Quite happy I became when I saw that just inserting the user/pass and blog site ( it automatically got configured and the blog was ready to be managed! :D The same happen setting up my second blog under the same account (
Blogilo is quite easy to use and every function is right in front of the eyes!
So, the only think I have to say is that…

Powered by Blogilo


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