BKChem – Molecular Drawing Program

Hi everyone!!

Here’s another of my ‘daily basis’ posts. Did I said daily basis?! I guess some days (weeks?!) passed since my last post… hmm I am not sure… :-o
Okay okay, here am I to speak you about BKChem!
Today I had to draw some 2D molecular formulas and, obviously, I don’t have ChemDraw. And obviously I don’t want to crack it! Nowadays I am against cracking software, btw… Anyway, today BKChem proved itself to be an amazing tool to complete the task! Definitively one step forward open software!
Here’s the result:
Use, contribute and expand! Video tutorials available here.

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One thought on “BKChem – Molecular Drawing Program

  1. OLD! XD But very interesting… HAHAHA I had to wait 3 years to see you talking about inkscape, BKChem, Okular, Gwenview, qtiplot!!! And there are much more… one day you will see the light upon your shoulders. hehehe

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