Okular annotations backup

Hi everyone,

many of us who use Okular have asked many times, where are and how can we backup the okular pdf annotations?

I am currently using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS with Okular 0.14 running here. I am planning to keep 12.04 up to the next ubuntu LTS release. However, because I am a big procrastinator, I start worrying now about how I will migrate my pdf annotations from nowadays 0.14 version to the “let’s see what” version in a three year future from now.

So here’s a simple finding for those procrastinators as me :-)

okular backups are stored in:


so I think it will only be necessary to copy past the docdata folder or even all the okular folder.

No no worries dudes :-D our annotations will be kept saved :D

Definição de cancro

Motivado por uma conversa de há uns 200 e-mails atrás, decidi colocar aqui uma frase introdutória com referências a artigos de revisão fenomenais da Cell, para quem quiser ler.

“Cancer has traditionally been viewed as a set of diseases that
are driven by the accumulation of genetic mutations that have
been considered the major causes of neoplasia (Hanahan and
Weinberg, 2011). However, this paradigm has now been
expanded to incorporate the disruption of epigenetic regulatory
mechanisms that are prevalent in cancer (Baylin and Jones,
2011; Sandoval and Esteller, 2012).”

A frase foi retirada daqui.